FractureFX Control your sim. Final your shots.


Fracture FX is a production-proven, cross-platform demolition solution for Autodesk Maya. Its procedural, event-driven architecture allows even novice users to take complete control of a destruction simulation and final shots in record time. 

The cornerstones of the Fracture FX experience are:

  • Art-directable simulations
  • Efficient iterations
  • Out-of-the-box usability
  • World-class customer care

Fracture FX has been used (and is currently being used) in productions at: Asylum Visual Effects, Luma Pictures, Stargate Studios, Naughty Dog, Method Studios, Prime Focus, Zoic Studios, The Mill and many more. You can have a look at our client reel here

 Fracture FX is not just software, or a tool, or a plug-in; it's a symbiosis of workflow, cutting-edge technology,  personalized customer care and a desire to solve problems and final shots.


Breaking styles supported

- Voronoi (with a few different point distributions)
- Planar crack image texture
- Noisy splitting planes
- Surface-painted breakable region
- Partial breaking over time (of rigid objects) according to an animated texture or the shape of a colliding object
- Clustering of fragments

- Initiate breaking or make edits to rigid body properties on collision, using a procedural rule-based system. Edits are made using preset modifiers (assign, copy data, randomize, edit dynamics state, etc), or from MEL.
- Secondary breaking
- All breaking happens at impact or event trigger time during the sim; not pre-fractured
- Solvers : proprietary impulse-based, and open-source bullet, with an API to add new solvers
- Maya fields
- Deformable collision objects (internal solver only, not bullet)
- Fragments from a broken deformable object inherit velocity from the deformation
- Probability of breaking a fragment again
- Run several takes of a sim and flip between them
- Custom particle emitter to just emit particles from the interior faces

- Meshes with keyframes on translate, rotate, visibility
- Transfer of normals, all UV sets and color sets on the non-simulated broken preview mesh; transfer of normals and currently one UV set for fragments produced during a sim
- Export meshes to disc (custom format)
- Export meshes to keys
- Export meshes to Alembic