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Purchase Fracture FX v1.x

Posted by ed

Thank you for your interest in buying Fracture FX, the demolition solution for Maya! We take great pride in providing you with art-directable simulations, efficient iterations, out-of-the-box usability and world-class customer care.

By purchasing Fracture FX, you agree to our end user license agreement (EULA). Please read it carefully before proceeding!


  • License fee excludes any taxes, shipping and/or insurance charges, and any bank transfer fees. (If any). 
  • Each license is for one node-locked seat. Transferring an existing license to another machine will incur a transfer fee. 
  • A seat will work indefinitely
  • Licensee will receive 1.x updates for free. 
  • 1.x updates come "as-is". Custom builds can be negotiated and obtained for a consulting fee.  
  • Major upgrades (2.0 for example) will come at a fee.
  • As an introductory offer, licensor will offer 1 month (from effective date) of dedicated support for free. Although licensor can not assure a solution turnaround within a specified timeframe, licensor warrants that it will use reasonable efforts to perform the services to conform to generally accepted industry standards.


  • I just purchased your software but did not receive a download link?
    One of our administrators will have to first verify the purchase. After verification, you will receive a sales confirmation email with further instructions on how to obtain a license and a download link.
    IMPORTANT: It can take up to 24 hours to process a license.
  • How do I register on the support forum?
    An administrator will create your account. The login name and temporary password will be sent to you after you request your license.
  • How do I get Fracture FX running?
    As soon as you get your license and download link (see first question of this FAQ), you can follow the instructions on the wiki for installing the license and the plug-in. 
  • Where do I get technical support for Fracture FX?
    We use the support forum (see second question of this FAQ) for all support related questions. Please use the forum (instead of email), for all technical questions. Using the forum will also ensure faster turn-around on answers.
Price: $399.00