FractureFX Control your sim. Final your shots.


(For our technical FAQ, head on over to the wiki)

When will Fracture FX be available? 
Fracture FX is available here for an introductory, limited time only price of US$399.

Can I see how Fracture FX works before buying it?
Of course! You can download a free trial and you can check out our constantly updated tutorial section. Contact us for a fully-functional time-limited trial.

I have been looking all over your site and can't find a download link, where is it?
You can download a free trial of Fracture FX, or you can purchase a full version of Fracture FX

Do you offer educational/student pricing?
Yes. You can purchase a non-commercial version here. Please send us a valid and current student/teacher ID, so we can process the purchase.

Do you offer floating licenses?
Not yet. It's in development though. Currently only offer node locked and site licenses are available. To transfer a node locked license to another machine, we charge a transfer fee that can be paid here. Just send us a mail with the ip config data after payment and we'll get you your new license ASAP. 

Do you offer site licenses?
Yes.  With a site license, we  create a custom build for your facility that works on all your machines; meaning,  unlimited seats of Fracture FX  with no need for a license ever. Contact us for site license packages. 

I purchased Fracture, where is the download link?
As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. This mail will include your login information for the customer portal (where you can download the software) and support forums.

I received the sales confirmation and requested a license, how long must I wait?
Processing license requests takes up to 24 hours. (Administrative hours are 8AM to 7PM PST Monday-Friday

What makes Fracture FX the preferred tool of the high-end VFX houses?
Because Fracture FX finals shots by providing its users with:

  • Art-directable simulations
  • Efficient iterations
  • Out-of-the-box usability
  • A unified, easy-to-use workflow
  • World-class customer care
Most of all, Fracture FX is not just software, or a plug-in; it's a symbiosis of workflow, cutting-edge technology,  personalized customer care and a desire to solve problems and final shots. That is why Fracture FX has been used (and is currently being used) in productions at: Asylum Visual Effects, Luma Pictures, Stargate Studios, Naughty Dog, Method Studios, Prime Focus, Zoic Studios, The Mill and many more. You can have a look at our client reel here