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Key Features

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Subsequent Fracturing

Subsequent Fracturing allows you to procedurally set up secondary, tertiary (etc.) fracturing. This demo also illustrates the chance filter and  the subsequent fracture modifier.

Click on link to view in HD on vimeo!

Key Features: Subsequent Fracturing from Fracture on Vimeo.

History - Dynamic Regeneration

Going from 20 num points to 200 with the click of a button, check!
Interactively moving point cloud clusters to adjust fragments, check!
Interactively previewing and modifying split planes, check!

Key Features: History - Dynamic Regeneration from Fracture on Vimeo.

Attribute Spreadsheet

Another video in the Key features series, this time about the attribute spreadsheet. The attribute spreadsheet allows you to manipilate and change attributes on several Fracture-related nodes at the same time, drastically increasing efficiency and ease-of-use.

Key Features: Attribute Spreadsheet from Fracture on Vimeo.


In this Key Features demonstration Ed uses a simple destruction set-up to illustrate the ease-of-use of Takes in Fracture.  Takes allow you to bake out iterations of simulations and ultimately remove all sim data so the simulated geometry can be passed down the pipeline. 

Key Features: Takes from Fracture on Vimeo.


Performance Demonstration from Fracture on Vimeo.

Alternatives to voronoi

Fracture offers a myriad of alternatives to regular voronoi-based destruction: cluster, radial, split plane, crack image, crack paint - and many more in development.

Key Features: Alternatives to voronoi from Fracture on Vimeo.