Control your sim. Final your shots.

Fracture FX is a production-proven, cross-platform demolition solution for Maya 2011 to 2014. Its procedural, event-driven architecture allows even novice users to take complete control of a destruction simulation and final shots in record time. Art-directable simulations, efficient iterations, out-of-the-box usability and world-class customer care are the corner stones of the Fracture FX experience.

Demo's coming shortly....

Another exciting WIP from Ray Kristianto!

fracture fx r3394 - car crash test03 from ray kristianto on Vimeo.

We wanted to share this awesome FX-rig Sylvain Riou set up with SOuP and Fracture


impactRig_V0.2 from Sylvain Riou on Vimeo.

Ray Kristianto, one of our esteemed beta-testers, has been working on some impressive sims. We can't wait to see more!


fracture fx r3394 | skyscraper - v02 - 19000 shards. from ray kristianto on Vimeo.

fracture fx r3394 | skyscraper - v01 from ray kristianto on Vimeo.

Ludo Rami is putting Fracture thru its paces with some nice shatter studies of a light bulb 

light bulb studies_wip3 wire | r3394 | ludorami from Fracture on Vimeo.

Fracture now supports deforming surfaces (like characters, or any mesh with a deformer on). Sylvain Riou from made the following tests illustrating this new feature:

FractureFx_Test_03_DeformGeometry_04_ from Sylvain Riou on Vimeo.


FractureFx_Test_03_DeformGeometry_02 from Sylvain Riou on Vimeo.

A while back the guys at PullDownIt posted a video showing PDI fracturing a high density mesh: I timed the fracturing process and it takes PDI 1min 11secs to fracture the head and 1min13 secs to fracture the body.

I made a quick comparative test using Fracture in which I use a mesh that has close to 70K faces  (i.e. almost double of what PDI used for their test) and with 100 num points it fractures in 8 seconds on my out-dated laptop.
In an industry where quick iterations are key, I think we can all agree that  fracturing speed and proceduralism are vital features.

EDIT: i just did the same test on a 8proc, 24gig RAM machine and the same test takes 3 seconds.(Note however that the breaking code is not multi-threaded yet, so amount of cores is irrelevant in this test)

Key Features: fracture speed on hi-poly mesh from Fracture on Vimeo.



Posted by ed

We have closed beta-testing for individuals to allow us to focus on the preparation for the commercial release of Fracture. 

Companies interested in using Fracture for current and upcoming productions can contact us here.

Please note that due to the volume of requests, it is impossible for us to reply to all requests. Only sufficiently supported cases will be considered.(i.e. intent of using Fracture in high-end prroductions that will yield valuable feedback and marketable visibility).

We would like to thank all our beta-testers for their continuing effort to make Fracture a better product.