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Musings of destruction.

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"The Beginning of the End" is mindblowing

  • Posted by kmannens on 27 November 2018

The Beginning of the End from Weiyo Sha on Vimeo.

Weiyo is a student at Gnomon and my oh my did he put Fracture FX to devastating use.

What’s new in Fracture FX 2.1

  • Posted by kmannens on 18 December 2017

What's new in Fracture FX 2.1 from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Fragment Pattern Designer

Add Take with scene name

And More!

Preview: Fragment Designer - Bridge

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 09 December 2017

Preview: Fragment Designer - Bridge from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Springs: Basics: Part 1

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 20 September 2017

Springs: Basics: Part 1 from PyratFX on Vimeo.