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Fracture FX Springs: Skyscraper example.

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 06 June 2017

Fracture FX Springs: Skyscraper example. from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Fracture FX version 2 includes a new feature called springs, also known as glue constraints between fragments.

Springs create structural strength between fragments, resulting in drastically improved realism in demolition simulations. Springs are integrated in Fracture FX as modifiers, resulting in granular control over all aspects of spring behavior.

Fracture FX version 2.0 will be available later this month.

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 13 May 2017

Fracture FX Springs: First Look from PyratFX on Vimeo.

For every Fracture FX version 1.x you already own, you can purchase one upgrade to version 2.0 at US$100. For example: if you own 3 Fracture FX 1.x licenses, you can purchase 3 Fracture FX 2.0 licenses at the upgrade price. 30 days after initial release, the upgrade price will increase to US$150. An additional/new Fracture FX 2.0 license can be purchased for US$500. If you purchased Fracture FX through a reseller, contact us for instructions on how to upgrade.

Fracture FX at work in Iron Man Gamma Protocol. MUST SEE!

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 08 January 2017

This is insane! Fracture FX at work in Iron Man Gamma Protocol.

Anthony Mcgrath is, to say it mildly, a Fracture FX power user. He is also an insanely talented VFX artist and the creator of the incredible Marvel fan movie: Iron Man Gamma Protocol.

Check out the video below, it will blow your mind.

SPRINGS! (aka glue between fragments) SOON AVAILABLE!

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 15 October 2016

Springs (aka glue between fragments) SNEAK PEAK! (available end 2016 in Fracture FX v 2.0) from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Some quick tests with one of the new features planned for Fracture FX 2.0: SPRINGS! (aka glue between fragments).