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Musings of destruction.

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Behind the scenes

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 28 June 2016

The Fracture FX masters at posted these cool behind-the-scenes videos about using Fracture FX in one of their recent productions.

New Fracture FX production workflow tutorials!

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 04 May 2016

Digital demolition expert Alkesh Nanavaty created some awesome tutorials covering his Fracture FX workflow on one of his productions. Quench your thirst for destructive knowledge below!

Fracture FX 1.9.1 is now released!

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 24 April 2016

Have a look at our FAQ if you have forgotten how to dowload the latest version. 

As usual, the full list new of updates and features can be found in the Fracture menu under help--> changelog and on the wiki. 

Iron Man: Gamma Protocol Trailer

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 18 December 2015

Holy Moly! Fracture FX power user Anthony MacGrath is at it again. Check out his latest trailer for Iron Man: Gamma Protocol and make sure to watch the entire thing until the very last seconds. All destruction sims done with Fracture FX, of course!

Burning abbeys, drinking beer. All in a day's work!

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 28 July 2015

The wrecking crews at and Ghost VFX recently collaborated on a commercial for Grimbergen using Fracture FX for all destruction.

Have a look! It makes us thirsty!

Grimbergen from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Fracture FX 1.8.13 BETA released

  • Posted by cdkmec_FX_09 on 05 June 2015

Due to popular request we have publicly released Fracture FX 1.8.13 BETA. If you are an existing customer, you can download it from your account now.

If you are not a Fracture FX customer yet, send us a mail with the code words "Fracture FX 1.8.13 makes my dreams come true" and we will give you 25% discount on your next license.

We have tutorialized some of the new features of Fracture FX 1.8.13. Have a look below and let us know if you have any questions!

New Features: Interior Face Displacement from PyratFX on Vimeo.

New Features: Collapsible hierarchies in the object list (version 1.8.2) from PyratFX on Vimeo.

New Features: Fragment information HUD (version 1.8.6) from PyratFX on Vimeo.