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Destruction in Production


Destruction in Production are advanced, production-based tutorials digging deep in FFX's features. These lectures illustrate step-by-step how FFX was used in actual shots.

In this first installment of the DiP series, Fracture-savant Hesham Eissa guides you through a full destruction shot. A plethory of FFX features will be explained in a production evironment, with special attention devoted the cornerstones of shot production: art-directability and speed of iterations

Keep in mind that these tutorials are intented for more advanced users. They move beyond the spectrum of "click-and-destroy" and venture deeper in the versatility and directability that FFX offers.

It is advised that you study the FFX Fundamentals and FFX Fast Track first, before watching the videos below.  

01- Table of Contents

02- Setting up the Scene

03- Tablet/Canon Ball Primary Fracture

04- Tablet/Tablet Primary Fracture
05- Tablets Secondary Fracture
06- First Tablet Secondary Fracture
07- Large Fragments Secondary Fracture
08- Tertiary Fracture

09- Trailing Particles

10- Impact Paricles

11- Instance Paricles