FractureFX Control your sim. Final your shots.

User Quotes

"I honestly can't say enough good things about the Fracture plugin. I have been using it a lot lately, and there are many many great features which are incredible time savers. What's great is that there really isn't anything out there like it for Maya, a good part of the market to corner! 

I am also surprised at how stable it is. I have actually run into very few bugs at all. It's incredibly solid for a plugin that is still in beta. It's proven itself production worthy on many occasions, as I have used it for numerous shots on Heroes. I don't know how I would have got the shots done, in the time I had to do them, without Fracture."

Michael Cook
Stargate Digital


"Since BlastCode has been waiting for library files to be updated that don't seem like they are going to be, it's been dead in the water. Fracture is a differnt method of shattering, more like rayfire on 3dsMax. I'm currenltly working to build this into my destruction pipeline... so far so good.

The key to a good plug-in or even software is the motivation and passion of the developers. Work hard on it and push it to be great. Take mudbox for example. Was making leaps and bounds then got bought, and what? ZBrush blew it out of the water. Passion, drive, motivation, skillz... these are the things that make tools great and me want to use. I think fracture will make some waves, and I was skeptical about it for a long time.

Maya could do a great nRBDsolver and shatter tool but I don't see that happening in a timely way and like I said before, I think fracture will push harder and make greater strides for a number of reasons. Time will tell."

David Schoneveld
Sr FX Artist
Asylum Visual Effects


"This tool is so robust and easy to use! Great work you guys, I can’t believe how simple this tool is to use for everything it does."

Seth Hall
FX Artist