FractureFX Control your sim. Final your shots.


Seasoned and reputable VFX professionals have been very vocal about their experience with Fracture FX, so we took the liberty of writing down some of their thoughts here. All quotes have been cleared with their respective authors. 

"We explored multiple tools, and found that Fracture FX checked all the right boxes. We're excited to integrate it into our pipeline."
- Vince Cirelli, senior VFX supervisor and VP of production at Luma Pictures

"Simply put: Fracture FX is the only fracture tool worth investing time and money in for Maya."
- Adrian Bergoff, VFX supervisor, Killer Robots VFX

“Of the many demolition tools I've used in the past, Fracture FX is a clear  cut above the rest. It  is a tool written by production people, for production people. The control Fracture FX gives you over your sim is phenomenal. You can really dig in there and control every aspect of the sim. Exporting or baking your sim is also effortless, which truly is an invaluable feature in a large VFX pipeline. On top of that, their technical support is second to none: these guys are on the ball 24/7. I mean, at times, they will knock out special builds for us, just so we can tackle very specific production needs.  How cool is that?”
- Matthias Bjarnason, CG supervisor

"Simulating rigid bodies for games hasn’t been smoother or faster. I can setup a complex scene in a matter of minutes, simulate, bake and transfer the keys from Maya right to the engine. The tech support is on par with the tool. Questions get answered not only fast but with detail and possibly a tutorial movie."
- Seth Hall, Lead VFX artist, Electronic Arts

"Oh yeah! I have been putting it through the ringer and it is definitely a very powerful tool to have in the arsenal.  The sheer SPEED of which it instantly cracks and shatters something in pieces is astounding.What would have taken me something 6 hours to hand-shatter, it would probably take me 15 minutes with this plug-in. Two words..BAD ASS."
- Chris Radcliffe, senior modeler, Hydraulx

"It is a pleasure to support such a great tool. I think it is the best you can get for Maya, and it is a pleasure to use it."
- Haggi Floeser, ​3D supervisor, Ambient Entertainment